Bakreswar is located in the vicinity of Suri and famous for its Shiva Linga temple where numerous Hot Springs run along wilh Cold springs and merge in a rivulet nearby. These Hot Springs are believed to have spiritual and miraculous powers by which many chronic aliments are cured. A Big Mela (fair) is organised during Shiva Ratri. Bakreswar is known as one of the 51 Piths of India. Bakreswar is famous for its Bakreswar temple which is dedicated to Lord Bakranath (Shiva) and Goddess Mahishmardini.The temple is believed to be erected at the spot where the forehead and brows of Goddess Sati fell and dismembered. The main temple of Bakreswar is surrounded by many small shrines whice are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bakreswar is also known for its eight hot springs which has varying temperatures. The hottest of these springs is called Agnikund and it has a temperature of about 93.33 deg C. It is believed that the water of these springs have healing features.