It is an magnificient temple at the village of Ekachakra. The village is the birthplace of Lord Nityananda (Nitai). The temple is located at the place of his birth. The temple preaches the statement of Sri Chaitanya about Nityananda that “without the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda, one cannot enter into the affairs of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna”. In the age of Kali-yuga,Lord Krishna appears in this material world as Lord Chaitanya,and Balarama appears as Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda appeared as Lord Chaitanya’s principal associate for spreading the chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna. Lord Nityananda was born to a pious Brahmana family. His father was Harai Pandita and mother Padmavati. He appeared in Ekachakra around 20 years before the appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, on Sukla Trayodashi, in the month of Magh, in the year 1473, 12th of February. A white temple named ‘Garvabas’ or ‘Sutika Mandir’ has been made at the place where Nitai was born. In Janmasthan Mandir – there is a Idol of Nityananda. The centre of the main altar of the temple is a Idol of Lord Nityananda, to his left, with his hands raised is Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and on Nityananda’s right is Sri Advaita Acharya.