Construction of the temple of Tarapith was started by Raja Ram Jeeban Roy (Chaudhury) around 1696. He was the Zamindar of Deka, Birbhum. The construction was completed by his son Ram Chandra Roy in 1701. The old temple has been damaged a great deal. The present temple was built in 1818 AD by Jagannath Ray. The Tantric Temple is devoted to the Goddess Tara. The work of terracotta at the front of the temple is quite unique and these depict the story of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Within the courtyard of the temple, there is a temple of Shiva, known as Chandrachur Shiva Temple. Ganapati temple, Vishnu temple, Garura temple and Hanumanji temple are also there. The temple had been renovated many times by different eminent devotees of Tara Ma. Different festivals are held throughout the year. Tarapith Temple is famous for the Tantric aspect of its deity and the famous saint Bama Khyapa, who adorned this temple complex. Everyday many devotees offer puja from dawn to dusk to Goddess Tara.

Tarapith Mahashmashan is a mysteriously auspicious pilgrimage, lies very near to the Tarapith Temple. Goddess Tara prevails here in the form of a twinkling of light, like a “Star”, a fearsome Tantric aspect of Adhya-Shakti. Maharishi Vashistha Dev performed rituals or rites over here in order to attain Siddha from Goddess Tara and to get her blessing. Sadhak Bama Khyapa Baba also attained Siddhi Labh in this cremation ground by chanting Ma Tara. He also practised Rituals of Tantrism here.