Hail the Great Sati- Woman power. The residing deity of the Kankalitala Temple is goddess Parvati. Unlike other Sati Piths, Kankalitala Mandir has no deity statue. Even through the centrally-placed icon of Kali located within the mandir appears to be the focus of Kankalitala, the most sacred object present at this Sati Pith is the Kund located next to the temple which is in fact the original form of the goddess at Kankalitala – a pond which has been worshiped since ancient times. It is here that Ma Sati’s pelvis said to have fallen countless aeons ago when her dead body was skillfully dismembered by Lord Vishnu using his Sudarshana Chakra. On the opposite side of the mandir, one finds a sacred rock under a tree, as votive offerings to secure both pregnancy and a safe childbirth.