Says Chandidas to his fellow humans that humanity is above all, nothing beyond. These lines are found engraved onihe modern gate (built later) in front of the narrow lane, leading to the mound of Poet Chandidas house. These lines have been carved out from the Poet’s epic creations in support of Love. Nanoor, a small town or may be called a large village in Birbhum, boasts of principles of Love. There are 14 temples standing on the mound of the ancestral house of Chandidas. Bansuli Temple being the most famous among all. Even the pond is still there where Rami used to wash clothes and Chandidas would go for fishing. Although the mound is said to be as old as 14th Century, the temples are of 17th and 18th Century. A flight of stairs takes the visitors to the premises. Out of the North Facing twin temples at Nanoor, the one to the right of the viewer has most of its terracotta panels in a damaged state. The arch panel above the entrance showcases several small terracotta Shiva temples with Shiva Lingams in somewhat clustered manner. The original Lakshimata temple had been established more than thousand years back. It is locality believed that Goddess Lakshmi had ever been present in this place. The ancient temple was re-established by Kamdev Brahmachari. Krishna Chandra Singha, the king of Kandi ever protected by the deity and had been the principle patron of it. Inside the newly constructed temple at Ghoshgram, Block Mayureswar-I (2016-2018), one can find the original four and half feet idol of Devi Lakshmi here.