This Heritage Church is situated just beside the Head Office of Fire Brigade at the town of Suri. It is locally known as ‘Lal Girja’. The Christian populations of place get assembled for prayer on Sundays and the other ascertained days. It is also known to be ‘The Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church’ or NELC in short. According to a study the Church had been established in 1876 and therefore has remained a glory to the inhabitants of the Suri for more than 142 years. It is made in European architectural style. Just two years before, some unique European tiles resembling scales of fish were visible at the roof of the Church building, but the wooden deck was incapable of bearing their weight and hence the Church Committee decided to remove these tiles and cast the Church roof anew keeping the old architectural beauty as far as had been possible and ‘The Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church’ was reestablished on 24 December 2016. The ancient doors, windows, tiles of the inner floors, the furniture of the Pray Room have been kept intact. The archaic Church Bell suspending from the Church roof caused a tremor within and that is the reason that it has been ceased to be jingled and it has become out of function due to long non-application. After 20 long years, the bell had been re-installed on 01 April, 2018. Apart from the Christians, people from all caste and creed get assembled in the Church on Christmas days and on the other occasions because God loves all.